While our primary focus is on delivering Marksmanship related courses, we offer training over a host of different Firearms and Wildlife Management related topics

Deer Management Qualification Level 1

Preparation training - Accompany a qualified stalker and glean from their experiences and knowledge. Learn how to search for relevant information and learn techniques to retain vital information.

Deer Management Qualification Level 2

Approved Witness Stalks - Have an approved witness accredit your stalks while working towards achieving your DMQ 2 qualification. These stalks can be on your own ground or on suitable Professional Sporting Solutions ground. Preparation stalks can also be offered so potential candidates know exactly what is required and expected from them during the witness phase.

Dog Training

Specialising specifically in Deer Dog and gun dog training, however these fundamentals apply to all breeds of dog. - Starting with the basics, get your hunting companion to walk calmly at heel or out in front. Make them steady and reliable in new situations and have the confidence that you have a strong STOP/Sit and recall command. From these basics everything else can be developed. Indicating live/unshot deer, finding shot deer and finally tracking wounded deer. Developing the ultimate hunting buddy.


ATV Training, First Aid Training, Personal Tracking, Observation and much more - Even if not delivered directly by ourselves, but is related to hunting and enjoying the great outdoors, we have an extensive professional network who can supply what you require


We have been asked to provide training days for Artic Expedition Leaders who need firearms training to protect against possible Polar Bear attacks. We deliver firearms training for Colleges and other businesses/organisations. Or if you are an individual or group who would like a mixture of various courses, anything can be done, please just get in touch as we would love to help.

Firearms and Marksmanship Training

"Never has it been easier to buy your way so far into successful shooting! However you do not have to spend a fortune to master the art!" Many clients feel they are beyond our Rifle Setup and Fundamental Courses, but this is where it all begins (to GO RIGHT! or go WRONG!) If your equipment is not setup for optimal performance by you and you can not then apply the most basic of fundamentals, then how can you confidently identify faults and have the knowledge to correct them? Our courses give you the opportunity to leave with the knowledge and confidence to troubleshoot your own problems.


Our courses are designed to ease you into the course, getting you to relax and enjoy yourself. We then start to push your boundaries and get you to step out of your comfort zone (always in a safe manner!). We then like to come back into your now "expanded" comfort zone and end on a high. Course material is provided but we always encourage students to make their own course notes. The courses tend to be information heavy and each individual absorbs that information in different ways and at different rates, however everyone has the opportunity to learn all the same content, all we require from you as a student is that apply yourself.

The Marksman Development Course (0 - 300m)

Starting in the classroom/workshop we get your kit and equipment setup correctly for you but with the understanding of why. We then do a few hours in the classroom going through the theory with demonstrations of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. We then break for lunch and get to know other shooters on the course (often shared experiences are vital to your repertoire). We then head down the range for the afternoon putting everything into practice from the classroom and seeing it real time printed on a target! (Time and time again I hear people tell me they hate shooting at paper! I can shoot animals better than I can shoot targets! Boll@*ks and if that is the case then you need to re-assess your morals! The targets never lie and its that harsh reality that people generally have the issue with. We help you understand what those flyers/misses mean, which enables you to work on your weaknesses and become a more confident, consistent and therefore more accurate and humane shot! "Consistency is Accuracy"


We suggest 2 days for Rifle Setup and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. Students often become saturated with their new information early on in day 1. So it's nice to stop early about 16.00, having started at 09.00, and give you all the evening to chill out, relax, do a bit of revision and confirmation and again get to know your course buddies. Day 2 starts with a bit of revision and confirmation and then most of the day is spent on the range reinforcing the fundamentals.

The Marksman Development Course (0 - 600m)

We re-cap the fundamentals quickly but pay constant attention to these through out all of the the progressive courses. It is therefore a good idea to have done a Fundamentals of Marksmanship course to get the most out of any of the more progressive courses.
We look at gathering BALLISTIC DATA for your rifle and confirming this across the ranges. We look at how to adjust for your bullets TRAJECTORY and also apply HOLDS if using graticuled RETICLES. We consider how the WIND affects your round and how to work it into your FIRING SOLUTIONS. We look at ANGLE SHOOTING and your EXPECTED SCORING AREAS at various distances. Shooting from different positions and using different props/barracades this course suits anyone looking at taking part in Precision Rifle League type shoots.


We recommend two days for this course, due to the more remote location of the training areas, Day 1 tends to be loaded with information and Day 2 is predominantly spent shooting but it allows students to confirm lesson and information from Day 1 and make most of the adjustments for yourself.

Advanced and Extreme Long Range Course (600m - 1000m+)

On this course we consider the difference phases of BALLISITCS - INTERNAL, EXTERNAL & TERMINAL. Using BALLISTIC CALCULATORS, LASER RANGE FINDERS, WIND METERS, CHRONOGRAPHS and other technological advances which we use in the art of precision long range shooting.


A 2 Day Course give you the student the opportunity to really absorb as much information as you can and put this into practice on the range. Otherwise a day just isn't enough. You will find yourself rushing through the day trying to achieve as much as you can and then getting to the end of the day not really remembering what you have done as it all becomes a blur. The evening in between is a great opportunity to compare notes if other students and the instructors and put together a bit of a plan for what you would like to concentrate on on Day 2 on the range.

In Our Customers Words...

I’d recommend this to anyone. We have done range/ marksmanship classes with Brad & Pro Sporting solutions and we’ve also stalked with them and it’s been a great experience.

We’ve all learned so much and come on a long way with our shooting and stalking skills, we’ve seen some of the nicest places Scotland has to offer and it’s been loads of fun too.

Just back from another trip and will be booking the next one soon.

Richard Oxley

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