Founder, Bradley Bourner, started his shooting career like most, largely self taught. Captured by the precision and accuracy, capable of modern equipment, his personal drive for excellence means Brad has spent a small fortune over the years gaining experience and acquiring equipment to be a respected professional in the Firearms and Wildlife management industries.

It was always Bradley’s vision to offer others the opportunity to develop quicker, more efficiently and with less financial outlay (in the long term) than he did.

“<em>There is no need to redesign the wheel! However knowledge and experience can make it cycle smother for longer!</em>”

Passionate about Nature and how we as humans (perceived – well developed animals) fit in and interact in a meaningful way. Bradley has amassed significant experience across a range of situations and environments.

Brads Passions Are

Consistently accurate marksmanship

With modern technology and precision engineering it is very easy for almost anyone to shoot averagely well, if not better! However it take focus and dedication to be consistently proficient

Wildlife and nature but specifically Hunting

Bradley strongly believes that regardless of how far removed (evolved) we as humans believe we are, there is a basic deep rooted instinct within us all to connect with nature. This is of great benefit to our own mental well being and developing a respect for nature which is vital to our future existence as a species.

Hunting exposes you to the most raw feelings, emotions and experiences. From this you are able to develop a deeper understanding and more fulfilled respect for nature, others and more importantly YOURSELF!

Bradley started his working life at the age of 15 years, while beating at the weekends on a local pheasant, duck and partridge shoot, where he also worked breeding, rearing and managing these birds through school holidays and at weekends. It was hard work but it instilled strong work ethics and laid the foundations on which Bradley would continue to develop his working reputation.

At 17 years old Bradley left home and embarked on a student Wildlife Ranger job with the then Forestry Commission in the Cowal and Trossach’s Queen Elizabeth Nation Park. While attending the North Highland College, Thurso on their HNC Highland Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management course.

Graduating from the college Bradley worked on a number of private sporting estates throughout Scotland as under keeper/stalker on grouse estates and deer forests.

With a strong family link to the military, Bradley always had an itch he felt he had to scratch and having gained a little life experience and skills to work in the outdoors Bradly could not subdue the curiosity to join the military.

At 21 Bradley signed up to the Royal Marine Commandos and subsequently passed out with distinction earning the honour of Kings Badgeman. Bradley trained as a sniper which fed his personal interest in extreme accuracy and developed further skills such as observation, navigation and fieldcraft. These skills would form the basis on which to launch his current business. The values that the Corps cultivated remain pillars on which his business and industry networks are currently supported:

  • Excellence/Professional standards
  • Integrity
  • Self discipline
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Unselfishness
  • Humility
  • Cheerfulness

Bradley, would describe himself as a "Maverick" there are 7 trait of a Maverick

  1. They are True hearted & Authentic
  2. They believe in their own vision and ideas for the world
  3. They challenge the status quo
  4. They have strong convictions
  5. They choose to see the world through their own eyes
  6. They have great intuition
  7. They have Superpowers – Imagine having the self-belief to do what no man or woman has done before, the desire to create a global historical event, the courage to take the biggest risk imaginable in pursuit of trailblazing and setting new standards

In Our Customers Words...

I’d recommend this to anyone. We have done range/ marksmanship classes with Brad & Pro Sporting solutions and we’ve also stalked with them and it’s been a great experience.

We’ve all learned so much and come on a long way with our shooting and stalking skills, we’ve seen some of the nicest places Scotland has to offer and it’s been loads of fun too.

Just back from another trip and will be booking the next one soon.

Richard Oxley

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