With our 20+ Years of experience and connections in the Hunting and Wildlife Management Industry we have various hunting opportunities which we can offer you direct and guide ourselves or if there is something we can not directly offer than we can act as an agent and point you in the right direction.

Everything can be catered for, from Airport transfers, accommodation, Firearms renting, guided tours of Scotland and trophy preparation and taxidermy services. All visitor permits and paperwork can be arranged for you and trophies shipped to specific locations.

As hunters ourselves we believe in a well organised and relaxing itinerary. Often these hunts might be the dream of a life time but they are always moments to remember with great fondness, so our clients always get the personal touch.

Hunts which can be arranged are:

July - Oct with he hight of the Rut/Roar Sept- Mid Oct. These hunts require a level of fitness for you to get the most out of the experience. You will have to be capable of spending 8 hours out in the environments coving distances of approximately 5 miles per day. Your guides are always there to keep a safe eye on you and you will never be in harms way but this hunting can be as adventurous as you can handle.

The females require hunting during the winter months, to maintain a health population. The hunting tends to be more productive with the potential for multiple shots per day (hunter dependant) The weather does tend to be less than favourable but this often works in the favour of the hunter. If you are prepared to get stuck in then you will enjoy this hunting as being more akin to true hunting and your trophies will be the memories and photos you acquire rather than a set of horns or antlers

With the same hunting periods as red deer these imported and invasive species are now prolific in many parts of the UK. One of the best tasting meats in our opinion they make for great hunting. The Stags whistle during the rut and their call is more like that of the American Elk/Wapiti bugle. These deer a very secretive and hunting tends to be in dense forests with sitting and calling being one of the most successful methods.

Bucks can be hunted from April to Oct, but some of the best hunting is to be had in May and June. Warm fresh spring mornings and warm sunny evening make hunting these small deer quite magical. Hunting is predominantly on lower, agricultural ground and mixed forestry. While you still need to be able to manoeuvre about this type of hunting is slower paced with sitting and spying being the order of the day. Females can be hunted from Mid Oct to the end of March and again multiple deer could be culled in a single day if the hunter and opportunities are willing.

There are a number of areas in Scotland where fallow can be encountered adding to the species which could be harvested. Hunts for these are harder to come by so availability does change.

While these species are only present in England we can arrange and even accompany clients wishing to hunt these two deer species.

Grouse, Pheasants, Ducks and Partridges are all regular managed and reared in sufficient numbers to allow days of driven birds. While we do not actively run any birds shoots our selves we can arrange for Teams of 8-10 guns to buy shoot days from 12th Aug through to the end of January (species dependant).

Mixed species, walked up or shot over dogs can be more in the price range of the average hunter and often very satisfying due to the more involved hunting nature of the days. Species likely to be encountered are pheasant, duck, geese, pigeon, rabbit, hare and woodcock.


Our base location is situated just 300m from the river Deveron, one of the Top 6 Salmon rivers in Scotland. With many first class pools and runs to fish in stunning Aberdeenshire settings. We are only a short commute to other 1st class rivers such as the Dee, Don, Spey and Findhorn, for Salmon, sea trout and our native brown trout. With many private fisheries and fishing ponds, lochs and other inland waters there is all kinds of fishing available alongside the mighty North Sea for sea fishing.

In Our Customers Words...

The British Deer Society (BDS) is a registered charity who’s brief is deer welfare. The majority of BDS members are deer stalkers. It is important that BDS offers its members the opportunity to improve their rifle skills to ensure clean and efficient culling of deer, with a quality venison carcass being delivered into the human food chain.

BDS Highland Branch have partnered with Professional Sporting Solutions (PSS) to deliver training in the effective use of deer rifles and to understand the performance of ammunition under different situations and conditions. PSS have delivered the highest quality of training in the techniques required to get the best from the modern rifle/ammunition combination. BDS Highland Branch and PSS are moving forward to develop more advanced rifle skills training, together with awareness of the requirements for qualification towards DSC2.

Mike Cottam

Secretary, BDS Highland Branch

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