Professional Services

Our Professional Services tend to focus around but are not limited to the following services

Property/Land/Estate Management

We have such an extensive professional network we make up a significant part of an estate management consultancy and training provider. Having experience of leading teams in the military and other significant government organisations we can help with restructuring, personal growth management and much more.

Contract Deer Culling/Management

Fully qualified and Insured, equipped with modern and very capable gear, we can recruit or lead existing teams for the most effective and efficient results possible. With extensive experience over a number of years and situations we offer nothing other than the most professional and reliable services available.

Often a very controversial subject we offer complete discretion and non-disclosure. Our teams are well experienced in dealing with members of the public and staff from other departments. We are used to explaining and educating where possible but are very intuitive and situationally aware, able to read situations where confrontation is likely and to be avoided. We work closely with the local authorities to offer complete compliance, transparency and peace of mind.

Humane Dispatch/Destruction

Firearms often offer a swift and non disputable end to and animals suffering or deterioration through old age or disease. Over the years many livestock owners and animal welfare organisations have commissioned our services to dispatch a variety of animals. Horses, cattle and sheep tend to be the obvious ones along with deer, foxes and other wildlife involved in RTA's.

Fully Insured and qualified we offer a compassionate and respectful service. These services are always conducted with approval with local authorities and with the assistance of local uplift services if necessary.

Large Mammal/Pest Culling

Invasive and predatory species such as Fox, Wild Boar, Feral Goats, we even go as small as moles. Protection of livestock and game management. Corvid control and other situations where there is a requirement for trained marksmen, please CALL to discuss possible options. We have Night Vision and Thermal capabilities for more discrete/less invasive situations.

We are here to help

Please contact us to make a booking or If you have any questions for us please get in touch and we will  be happy to answer any queries you have

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